Monday, June 20, 2011

The List of Free Stuff Needs to Grow

I'm fairly sure I'm missing some excellent free OSR resources with the list I have on the left side of this page. If you can think of more goodies to be grabbed, add it here and I'll expand the list. Heck, if we get enough stuff, I'll make multiple lists.

Don't limit yourself to purely OSR stuff either. If its good and free, I'm sure someone will figure out a way to convert it for use.

edit: Great feedback so far. I think I'll be breaking the list into 3 parts: Rules, Adventures and Supplemental Resources, unless someone has another idea on how to do it.

Hmm, might go to a left / right sidebar format too.

K, keep adding to the list folks!


  1. Feel free to link to my monster counters.

    They're free for everyone and anyone to use, but my blog doesn't get enough traffic for people to be aware of them.

  2. Errant isnt in that list (though it is in the top bar, if you are using that justification, I don't know).

  3. Here is a link to the free RPG Compendium put together by Chris.
    I couldn't tell you if they are OSR compliant or not, they are just FREE.


  4. @kelvingreen - awesome stuff! I'll be adding it

    @Greg Christopher - nope, its an over site. when I update the list(s) it will be added

    @Padre - nice listing. I'll be borrowing some from that list it seems

  5. My Labyrinth Lord (well, originally B/X D&D) free zine is at http://rpgcharacters.wordpress.com/downloads-games/dodecahedron/

    and there's a few LL adventures scattered around my blog too.

  6. At my blog you can find links to free downloads of a couple of my mags (more supplements than games) as well as a basic version of Pars Fortuna and the full version of Mystery Men!


  7. I have two free OSR modules at my web site Foreverfreegames.org, FFG 3 is a greyhawk mod. and FFG 4 is a quick adventure mod.

  8. If we're not being limited to fantasy, I'd recommend my present obsession, Stars Without Number:

    If anyone's *GASP* not familiar with it yet, think Traveller except running with OD&D rules, full of sandboxy goodness and the most *useful* random world generation system I've yet seen in an SFRPG.

    From the fantasy side, there's Kellri's AD&D Old School References:

    with monster statblocks, dungeon geomorphs, a spell reference, and an "Encounters Reference" that's really more like a updated version of Judge's Guild "Ready Ref Sheets", i.e. all the random tables a DM could ever want (maybe).

    Also over at Kellri's is his Scifi City Blocks document:

    which details locations and events suitable for fleshing out SF/cyberpunk cities.

    And there's also Microlite 75:

    boiling the D20 SRD down to its bare bones and leaving a system suitable for OSR-ish roleplaying that's not just easy but all kindsa cool.

  9. awesome stuff so far. much I knew about but either forgot or mentally misplaced. Still, some of this I never knew about. Gonna need to do some work it seems.

    More please!

  10. Mazes and Minotaurs

    Myth & Magic

    Basic Fantasy RPG


    Dark Dungeon

  11. Let's see:

    Mutant Future free artless core rules:


    Mini Six core rules:


    And Zak and James just posted this HUGE listing of all free adventures on the 'Net:

  12. It was nice of Zak to post this listing hours after my request. It a nice resource that I will borrow liberally from for my lists ;)


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