Wednesday, June 22, 2011

DCC RPG Free RPG Day Adventure Starter PDF Released - For $4.95

Goodman Games has released their DCC RPG Free RPG Day Adventure Starter for $4.95 as a watermarked PDF from their website.

5 bucks isn't a huge price, but for 16 pages it certainly isnt cheap. Then again, they did release the DCC Beta for free, but that free beta is also a huge free marketing gimmick for the final product.

I'm buying a copy of the DCC RPG Free RPG Day Adventure Starter PDF because I really want to see what the mob of peasants are expected to overcome.

Still, if GG knew they were going to be charging $4.95 for the PDF, they could have told us ahead of time.  If they did, I certainly missed the announcement.


  1. $4.95 doesn't seem to steep considering how much money I have wasted buying material to be integrated into Dragonquest. My real hold out on games other than Dragonquest has to do with buying all the dice. All I have is d10s, lots of d10s. I really don't relish buying all the additional dice for this or for a d20 game. I think Gamma World was the only d20 game I have ever played; except for a brief stint in AD & D in 1981with a jerk of a DM. Fortunately he didn’t turn me off from the hobby since I thought he was pretty much an ass before playing the game.

  2. Padre, send me your snail mail. I have BUCKETS of dice ;)

    That being said, 4.95for a PDF that was given out free in printed form on saturday, and only 16 pages, seems steep

  3. I hear what your saying about the 5 dollar fee Tenkar, but I have wasted so much on the hobby that 5 dollars seems reasonable, even if only for 16 page PDF. I'll drop you an e-mail about my address.

  4. $5 for the pdf? I got mine for free at freerpgday. Once i review it on my blog i'll be sending it away to one of my commenters.

    Honestly, though, not sure i would have paid that much for the print version. Maybe, if it was for a game system that was finalized, and the booklet had twice as many pages for a couple more little adventures, i'd pay $5 at my FLGS for it. Sure, the art is pretty cool, but that's kind of messed up.


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