Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Draconic Archeologist: Bringing You The Death Angel - The Dragon #6

Ah, the cover to The Dragon #6 - again, a little fan-artish, but still better then the hippy dragon from the first issue.

Reading the early Dragon issues, you would think that games like Metamorphosis Alpha or The Petal Throne were going to be the long term keepers.  They seem to have just as many articles, and with less crunch, more fluff - in many ways giving more value then the D&D articles.  As I'm focused on the D&D articles, that means I'm skipping on some major parts, like the in-depth Legions of the Petal Throne Painting Guide by M.A.R. Barker himself.  I didn't know anyone really cared that much about painting the military figures for an RPG.

There were ads for both OGRE and Monters! Monsters! (a T&T variant).  Kinda warms my heart.

Then we have an article on Determination of Psionic Abilities that were introduced Eldritch Wizardry.  I didn't realize that there weren't any rules to determine such in EW.  I may need to reread that.

Hmmm, an article on morale in D&D.  Way too chart-ish for me use, but the hobby was in love of huge charts back in the day, so it is a sign of the times.

The Featured Creature was the Death Angel.  Nearly impossible to permanently defeat, I don't recall these creatures making any of the MMs in AD&D.
The ad for the D&D Geomorphic Dungeons is interesting - no wonder I never liked to leave empty space on the graph paper when I mapped dungeons out in high school - TSR didn't like empty space either!


  1. I have this same cd set, I may need to go back a look at issues for ideas and artwork. I am still a fan of charts & tables and I doubt I'll ever get it out of my blood. I miss the old lizardman logo of TSR, brings back some fond memories.

  2. I was missing the first disc - well, more like misplaced, for years. Found it recently and that's what prompted me to start these posts.

    I like charts, but some of the old ones were painful ;)

  3. That Death angel looks just like the Ral Partha "Angel of death" -- http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Image:RP-01-019.jpg


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