Friday, May 13, 2011

And Then There Were...

Well, I'm really hesitant to post the next part of my Building a Better Bard, as it is written down in random notes that I collect, prune and purge as I post them to the blog.  With Blogger having some "issues" recently, I'd hate to post something and then have it disappear (like yesterday's post did for a bit ... but now, its back).

So I'm gonna round out the Bard in Pages, then copy it over to Blogger.  Crap, I  really should use that nice Print to PDF Button on these posts to save everything.  That would make way too much sense ;)

I'm kinda happy I was too busy to post much the last few days... I think some of my fellow bloggers can relate to this man:

I feel his pain.  Its been that kind of a week...

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