Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mini Review - CC1 Curse of Crosskey (Labyrinth Lord w/ AEC)

Curse of Crosskey is a Labyrinth Lord (with the AEC) adventure for character levels 3-4.  As with most of the adventures that fall under the general banner of the OSR, you should be able to use this with S&W, C&C, OSRIC or any of the other D&D / OGL based rulesets.  Good, that's out of the way.

Take off the cover, OGL and title / contents page and it comes in at 11 pages for $1.99.  Not a bad return on your investment, but if you want to get a real return on your cash you will need to invest time and effort.  This is a sandbox style adventure that starts with the ::SPOILER ALERT!!!:: players getting shipwrecked on a mysterious and magically infused island.  So yes, the plot hook is very specific: your party is forced into survivor / explorer mode.  As you need to put them in that situation, how you set things up is very important, thus your investment of time and effort.

There is a lot that is hinted at in this adventure that can be fleshed out by the GM... heck, it probably needs to be fleshed out.  Especially the ideas to conclude / continue the adventure.  In many ways, I feel this is less a sandbox adventure as it is a sandbox micro-setting.

Three new magic items and two new monsters round things out.

From the blurb:

The Western Star, sailing on a clear sea, is suddenly caught in a mysterious storm appearing out of the blue. Skies darken as fierce wind and driving rain lash at the ship, sending it crashing upon the shore of Crosskey Island. Those fortunate souls that survive must find rescue before their supply of food and water run out. Some of the passengers seem to have plans of their own. Will the "Curse of Crosskey" finally be revealed?

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