Monday, February 7, 2011

Anyone Building a "Frankendragon"?

As I start putting together the rules I want to use in my upcoming Tunnels & Trolls campaign, I find I'm not using as many house rules as I expected. Instead, I'm grabbing rules from different editions of T&T. I'm starting with the 5.5e rules as a base, then adding from 6e, 7.5e and adjusting to taste. I've been referring to this as my Frankentroll Ruleset.

Anyone doing this with D&D? What are you building off of, and what are you adding? Are you going so far as to grab from outside one of the D&D iterations? What is your Frankendragon?


  1. I call it my Frankenclone, or Retro-golem. It's based off of LL and incorporates stuff from several versions of the game as well as a few of my own tweaks. I'll post it eventually, but I want to playtest it first.

  2. I look forward to see what you're putting together.


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