Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Serenity RPG License Coming to an End

Margaret Weis Productions' license to produce and distribute Serenity (aka Firefly) is coming to an end on January 31st.  You can pick up a full set of the RPG books in deadtree for $100 bucks at their site,  or you can pick it up piecemeal in PDF over at RPGNow.

I'm sure it will remain on shelves of game stores for a bit, but the PDFs at RPGNow will be coming to an end on January 31st.

I loved the TV series and enjoyed the movie.  I haven't really checked out the game.  I'm pretty sure I'd never have a chance to play it, but if the rpg books make for good reading I'm all in.  The prices seem fairly reasonable on RPGNow for the line.

Anyone have Serenity already and can offer some advice?  Is it worth picking up just to flesh out what I've already watched on my TV screen?


  1. I played it briefly a few years ago as a PC, but I am notoriously bad at memorizing rules mechanics etc. so I can't really speak to that. We had a great deal of fun playing it, though -- it's a fun universe to play around in. I played a heavy weapons guy kind of like the Stephen Baldwin character from the show.

  2. I ran a short campaign and a few one shots back when it first came out and we had a lot of fun. My next group only wanted to play sword and sorcery type fantasy rpgs so I haven't really had the chance to run Serenity for a while. It is a shame too because I've been itchin' to use my BSG book and have Mal's crew go up against some Cylons.

  3. I thought the Serenity books I own were pretty good reads, so I'd recommend picking them up.

  4. It's a fun game engine with simple rules. I enjoyed it.


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