Friday, January 14, 2011

The Games I Own, But Have Never Played - West End Games Star Wars

To be fully honest, I own the core rules to each version of the Star Wars RPGs, and have yet to play any of them. That being said, WEG's D6 Star Wars is the one that I really wanted to play.

The system was easy enough to understand, the books were really evocative of the first three Star Wars movies (not to be confused with Chapters I-III of the Star Wars Saga). I could read the rules and have a pretty good idea of how it would play out in my head.

It's just that no one else wanted to play Star Wars. Heck, they would choose Star Ace before Star Wars, and I did run a decent 3 player campaign using the Space Master rules. Sci-Fi wasn't the issue, I think it was a fear of the Star Wars canon. Sometimes its easier to be the hero where the setting wasn't already decided on the major plot line.

Maybe one day I can use the now Open D6 rules for a decent Sci-Fi campaign, without the light sabers and the Jedi Mind Tricks ;)


  1. I have the exact same problem, but it isn't just WEG Star Wars. It is usually next to impossible to get my group(s) to play anything except D&D (3.x, they hated 4e) or Pathfinder.
    I own a bunch of RPG books from different systems that I will ever play. I keep buying them hoping that one day I'll find a group that wants to play something different. Heck I'd be happy if I could get them to play an OSRIC or Mutants & Masterminds.
    I enjoy reading them, but it would be nice to actually play them one day.

  2. I played a lot of WEG Star Wars in the early 90s. WEG was based out of Honesdale, less than an hour from my home town.

    It was good times.

  3. @Higgipedia - I playtested Paranoia when they were in Manhattan back in the days. I didn't realize they were in Honesdale (old Scholastic Press building if I recall correctly) until they were closing.

    Thanks to my grandfather's wisdom, the family has had a small place in Hawley for the last 40 years - Honesdale is almost a second backyard ;)


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