Saturday, January 15, 2011

Game Prep

No, not game prep for a rousing session of dice rolling. I'm talking about prepping for tomorrow afternoon's Jets game.

Already have the beer. Getting the Pizza Hut Pizza today to heat up in my tabletop pizza oven tomorrow.

Sorry to hear Christian is cutting out his Nerd Sunday cooking. I feel like it's the end of an era.

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  1. I'm kind of bummed, too. Even if the guys would have pitched in $15 of the $25 I would have been cool. I never talk about it online as some of the people with whom I game read my blog, but I really think it's a symptom of playing with acquaintances rather than friends. With friends you can say, "Hey, ass, why don't kick in two or three bucks for that plate?"

    Man, the Ravens are carving up the Steelers right now.

  2. From a Patriots fan to a Jets fan, may the best team win. I hope it's a hell of a game.

  3. @christian - I hear you. shame tho. if I ever get out west i'll have to drag you outa retirement ;)

    @Higgipedia - a good game is all I ask for - If the Jets lose to the Pats yet play well, all is still good - A win would be better tho ;)

  4. @Higgipedia - damn good game - i'm very pleasantly surprised by the Jets win


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