Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Trollish Taproom - Tunnels & Trolls Starter Kit (via the Trollish Delver)

The Trollish Delver put together a pretty nice and complete Tunnels & Trolls Starter Kit back in November of last year that had a zero cost buy in. Yep, all the downloads were free. That's the link above. Go there. Get some stuff. For free. I'll wait.
Back? Cool, because I'm gonna send you to places to get more Tunnels & Trolls stuff for free. Legit and all that. Ready?

FreeDungeons.com - some free T&T solos that you can play right on your computer screen. How cool is that? Know what is even cooler? There is a variant ruleset based on the Tunnels & Trolls 4e rules available for free download, as well as links to the free Tunnels & Trolls Trollzine.

Trollmancer - a whole lotta solos - more then 3 or 4 (sorry, Bugs Bunny on my brain). Truly, a goldmine of T&T gaming, between The Trollish Delver's links and the two above, you can game for weeks... even months.

Remember, always use safe gaming methods when playing by yourself ;)

Oh, and solos also work pretty well as a GM and one player adventures if you are so inclined.


  1. Nice. It's great to see someone showing people all the good stuff available for Tunnels & Trolls. Interested parties might also want to follow trollgodfather on twitter.

  2. I might mention that there is a short convention scenario linked to on the front page of my blog.


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