Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Another Near Miss

Mother Nature struck a glancing blow to NYC last nite, as the snow was no where near as bad as had been predicted. Five minutes of shoveling and my car was commute ready. Not saying all the roads were, but by the time I head home I expect clear driving.

Whenever I see snow forecasts of 8-14", of 12-18" I wonder if snowfall amounts are as variable as D&D combat damage - "Roll 2d4 plus 6 for your snow accumulation - make sure you mark it off on your weather sheet."

I want to see Weatherman written up as a D&D class one day ;)


  1. We are getting heaps of snow here in New England.
    I've shoveled, both teens have shoveled and the walk needs to be shoveled again, never mind the ridiculously long driveway which is great for guests to park in during bar-B-Q season which is still awaiting the plowman even though the wife managed to get the car out and to work earlier.

    As for the Weatherman class that would be a subclass of the Jester wouldn't it?

  2. @JDJarvis

    I place the Weatherman as a sub-class of the Illusionist.

    Welcome to my world gentleman, way up here in Alaska.

  3. I live in Mexico, NY. That's at the east end of Lake Ontario. Our snowfall is always measured in feet rather than inches. We think the people that live in Buffalo are pansies. Oddly enough we only have less than two feet of snow on the ground now, although it is snowing again now.


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