Saturday, January 1, 2011

I Am No Outlaw, But They Can Be Pretty Cool

So, I've spent some more time with my recent package of Tunnels & Trolls from Outlaw Press (Boo!  Hiss! Woot!  Cheers!).  Taken as a step above fanzine, it's pretty good.  Even for someone who was predisposed to dislike the products based on the recent notoriety of the publisher.

First things first - be very careful with what you order, as Outlaw Press likes to reuse work in multiple places.  In some situations this is no big deal, but you may wind up with the same stuff in different products.

The first example that comes to mind is the T&T 6e (official, unofficial, quasi-official) rulebook and the T&T Campaign Book by Mike Hill - both contain the Town of Millet's Crossing and the Dungeon of the Rat.  The other part of the Campaign Book - The Skolari Vaults Levels 1 + 2 I'm fairly sure appear elsewhere also.  I'll need to check into that.

The Hobbit Hole Magazine is published in regular gamebook sized format.  The Dungeonier Digest is, surprisingly enough, digest sized.  I find it pretty amazing that Tunnels & Trolls can support two print magazines from the same company.  I'll give them a proper review when I can read thru them better.  I will say that both have a number of pieces penned by Ken St. Andre, although I suspect they were mostly written a while back, judging from some of the game terminology used.

Alright, time to spend time with the family.

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