Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Snowy Update

I want to thank everyone for some excellent responses on the Contest thread. I've got a lot of stuff to investigate. Keep it coming!

At about 1130 my son called to state then 2 NYC Sanitation Plows were attempting to plow the street in front of our home, but some idiot dug his car out and tried to drive thru a 2 1/2' snow drift, stopping the plows' progress. My son and some neighbors dug the car in question out and pushed it down the street. That's my boy ;)

Last nite on the train ride home (did i ever mention i hate the NYC Subway System?) I started reading Goblins in the Mists, which is a write up of a Tunnels & Trolls play by post game. It took a while to get into the reading, but after the first dozen or so pages I got drawn in. Should be fun to see where it goes.

Now, the book is published by Outlaw Press, and James Shipman has co-author credit on the cover, which may or may not turn off prospective readers. It makes mention that Shipman used the name Khara Khang as his pseudonym when he took over as GM. Interestingly enough, there is a solo for T&T on RPGNow written by... Khara Khang.

Go figure, what were the chances? ;)

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  1. You're in NYC? I'm in the Poconos (Beautiful Mount Airy Lodge). You'll have to let me know when there are any events/cons/whatever out there. Plus, when I get the proper beer recipes down, I need to share with my fellow gamer/brewers. ;)

  2. @Higgipedia I've been going to the Poconos since I was 2. My family has a place in Hawley / Lake Wallenpaupack. It's my home away from home and the best destresser of NYC living ;)


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