Saturday, January 1, 2011

Stepping Into the New Year - Right Into the Poop

First things first... today is the last day to enter the contest you see on the top of this page.  I think I'm adding a few more copies of Bean! the RPG to the pot, so more winners, and of course, all who post to the comment thread with a pick or two get added to the big prize of over $125 in RPG PDFs courtesy of RPGNow.

Here's the poop.  I ordered stuff frfom Outlaw Press and received the package yesterday.  The latest Hobbit Hole mag, the last 2 Dungeonier mags, T&T 6th Edition and another piece or two I cant recall.  Why am I stepping into the minefield of poop surrounding Outlaw Press?  Because a good 75% of the stuff being released for T&T recently is from their hands.  I need to see for myself.

So far, from what I've seen, it pretty decent quality stuff.  I need to dig deeper, but i'm impressed so far.  More once I've read thru it a bit.  Cleaning my shoes now.

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  1. My first T&T product was around this time last year. Someone gave me a Barnes & Noble giftcard, and the only version of Tunnels & Trolls they had was M6E. I got it, we started playing, and we loved it! Then I started reading posts over at Trollbridge and realized that I had stepped in something too.

    Oh well, It hooked me, and I got my v7.5 box about a month later.

    I don't think Skolari Vaults is published anywhere other than the T&T Campaign book by Outlaw, but I could be wrong.


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