Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happy Hour at the Tavern 5/26

Today's Happy Hour is going to highlight an offering from West End Games.  Not sure if you've been following the drama, but things have been a-changing over there.  My first experience with West End Games was playtesting a Paranoia adventure in their Manhattan offices back in the 1980s.  The company has changed hands over the years, and now they have made the D6 system open, and offer the core books for free.

This is free and complete in one package: Bill Coffin's Septimus 364 pages of D6 goodness.

Yes, it almost wasn't published, as preorders were refunded amidst West End Game's recent drama.

It's a non-standard sci-fi RPG.  There is a dent review at the Roll for Initiative blog.

I've found it well to be well produced, and what I've read so far looks good, but its a damn huge product on a plate filled with lots of RPGs.  Still, I felt it best to share it.

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