Monday, May 24, 2010

Twilight of My Years

In my early college years we would play just about anything.  AD&D was our go-to game, but everything else was good for a session or three.  Twilight: 2000 was one of those games.  I don't think we ever got past the first edition of the rules and maybe one sourcebook / adventure, but it was certainly fun.  We were a NATO squad that got separated from the main NATO forces when the Soviets invaded.  Trying to survive off the land and remain undetected was fun while it lasted.

I never actually owned the rules, I was just a player in the campaign.  It is $1 on RPGNow at the moment.  Damn cheap for a memory.

Lulu is running a 20% off sale through May 26:  code is ROADTRIP305. (e-books are not eligible)

There appears to be a free shipping promotion going on at the same time at Lulu.  Very nice.


  1. We had a ton of fun playing T2k in the late 80s. We played European campaigns and even one set in our hometown of San Diego. Good times! We never got the hang of vehicle combat, but we were 17 and jacked up on Skittles and Mountain Dew. That may have had something to do with it.

  2. Heh, I was probably 19, which means the group ranged from 16-19. Those were the days... now we are all hitting our 40s! ;)

  3. How in the hell did this middle age thing happen? Grrr....

  4. LOL! Thing is, I can retire on a very nice pension in 6 years at 48... middle age aint all that bad ;P


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