Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekend Buybacks for May 23rd

The first official (second actual) Weekend Buyback at the Tavern. This week's offerings are a smorgasbord. Actually, I expect every weekend will be offering a smorgasbord.  Remember, Buybacks were free when I posted them...

First up is Somnium Mundus from Terra-Sol Games. Nearly 30 pages of adventure for your Traveller game. I don't think I've played Traveller since my early college years, but I've always loved the system (and the system withing a system of character generation).

Next is Into the Star, another Traveller product from Terra-Sol Games.  30 odd pages of optional rules.  No idea how well this conforms to the Mongoose Traveller rules.  Let me know.

Neverwhere from Postmortem  Studios.  I'm a damn huge Neil Gaiman fan, ever since Sandman Issue 1.  Damn good stuff.  Of course, I just found this game in the midst of a large number of other products, so I haven't had a chance to see how close it hues to the book.  Four 5 Star reviews on RPGNow tho out of four reviews. 

Last Buyback for the weekend is The Boarding House at Arkham Street from Three Fourteen Games.  Billed as a system-less horror adventure, it is pretty close to Basic Roleplaying / CoC compatible.  Decent layout and an excellent price (and nice reviews on RPGNow) but this in a must download situation, especially if you are thinking of running a Horror game.

Back to the random thought process tomorrow, Happy Hour on Wednesday ;)


  1. Killing more far east spam...

  2. Hey, thank you for the recommendation, hope you like it! Let us know if you ever play it!

  3. if i get to run it i'll let you know...


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