Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sometimes Son Knows Best

I'm sitting in my car, in the rain, outside a major NYC hospital (Nila, you know the one) as my son gets himself checked out for some reoccurring headaches. His grandma is with him, there is no legal parking in 10 blocks, so I sit and wait.

My money is on seasonal allergies, but as his mother passed from a brain hemorrhage (and complained of headaches immediately prior) I understand his concern.

Of course, he could have told me of his concern during normal doctor's hours, but he IS my son ;)

Back to more gaming stuff tomorrow, assuming I get any sleep tonight.

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  1. Our prayers are with you, Tenkar!

  2. Holy hell, man. Fingers crossed that all is well and that everyone in your home gets some rest.

  3. Glad to hear your back and all is well. I'm with Christian— I hope you can all get some rest!

  4. Tension / Stress related it seems. With the last 2+ weeks including a rough parent / teacher conference, me getting OFFICIALLY engaged (ring n' all - but we already decided earlier) and what would have been his mother's b-day last friday, i can understand why.

    I will sleep like a baby tonight ;)

  5. My fingers are crossed too, and I'm telaporting you healthy wishes. They'll arrive in a big orange box. Open immediately to enjoy freshness.

  6. Fingers crossed and beaming positive thoughts around the globe to you. Take care!

  7. ipad ate my response

    all went well, his headaches are stress related, and he went to school today

    my ass is dragging at work from the long nite, but thats par for the course

    no major health issues found, although his mother was prone to migraines and we have to keep an eye on him for that

  8. Glad to hear no major issues were involved!


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