Friday, November 19, 2010

Mini Review - OS1 - Something Unholy Stirs

It's always a treat to read another Old School style adventure, and Something Unholy Stirs is no exception. It's written for OSRIC (with conversion stats included for Altus Adventum 2e).  You get a small sandboxie area setting and a dungeon to kill stuff and take their stuff.  Damn hard to go wrong if you ask me ;)

It's for 1st to 3rd level characters, which may be an issue for some, as it seems there is a large portion of Old School adventures that already fall into that range.  From my personal point of view, you can never have enough low end adventures.

From the blurb:

              For the people of the border town of Aldin, danger was part of life. Savage beasts, extreme    winters--these were things the people were prepared to deal with. What they weren't expecting to face was something so unholy that it was forbidden to speak of.

    Now a young group of would-be adventurers on their way to potential riches are forced to take refuge in Aldin due to a severe storm. Will they manage to escape...

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