Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Random Mid-Week Thoughts

A bad internet connection lost my first attempt to post this in the black hole of the internet, so lets see how the second attempt goes.

The one way pissing match between St. Andre and Shipman has been a weird ride that has left a strange taste in my mouth. After all the negative press Shippy has had over the last year or so, I was more then happy to relay the emails that the Troll God asked to be posted. Then came a small redaction. Then a request to delete one of the posts. The latest Troll God email on the subject sheds some light on a situation that seems to have been more personal then anything else. I haven't posted that one yet and I'm not sure I will. But the story is half told at this point, and the only way to clear it up may be to post it.

Did i mention I hate wearing my old work hat with my new work hat?

All went well last night. Hopefully there is some peace of mind as a result of it.

I have a perfect view from my office window of someone picking his nose as he looks out his window. Lovely.

Did I mention my 3g connection sucks? Can't get on the web. Can't post at Trollbridge. Can't post in the play by post im in over there.

Still have an hour before i can leave for home. Sigh

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  1. I'm glad your son is feeling better. I agree that the Troll Lord situation is unfortunate. I wonder if his redaction are simply the result of his desire to not deal with the whole mess any more. He's in the right, but he wants to save face and be diplomatic by offering everyone a graceful out.

  2. The Troll Lords situation is the inability to get the Castle Keeper's Guide out ;)

    The Troll God's situation is a bit more... frustrating, but maybe it's because he is much more approachable with his community


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