Sunday, October 24, 2010

Today is a Do Nothing Day... Maybe

After long negotiations (all of about 2 minutes) between the kid, my girl and myself, we've decided that I need a "down day" on most weekends.  No shopping, no movies, no driving... just me and my stuff.  Unless of course, the kid wants to play a MMORPG or two... somehow that clause got snuck into the contract... at which point I'm apparently gaming.

The biggest winner in this whole thing?  The pets.  My girl's dachshund gets to have her mommy home one day a week and my feline Ashley thinks I'm home to keep her occupied all day.  Pets really are the center of the world.

Did I mention that the girl and I have now designated one weeknite a week to be "Pub Dinner Nite"?  This is working out to be a Win Win across the board!  Heh.


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