Friday, July 23, 2010

Fantasy Games Unlimited Seems Limitless

Foolish me.  Here's I thought the 10 notifications I received last night that FGU had uploaded some of its classic library to RPGNow meant that is was a new thing.  Apparently there is a crapload of FGU stuff to be found in PDF format.

There are 26 adventures and supplements for Villains and Vigilantes along.  I assume that they are pretty compatible to the new release of V&V, but maybe someone can confirm or deny that for me.
The title that caught most of my attention last night was Swordbearer.  It was one of the first non-AD&D RPGs that I purchased.  Never played it, not even sure if I understood how all the rules would have worked in game play, but I loved that boxed set.  Come to think of it, games in boxes were generally more exciting then book format.  It's kinda like opening a present every time you play.

I did use the Swordbearer adventure Dwarven Halls in my AD&D campaign back in the day.  Wish I could remember how well it played, but time has stolen the details from me.

Anyhow, FGU appears to be participating in the Christmas in July promo on RPGNow.  25% off aint bad.

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