Thursday, July 22, 2010

And The Winners Are...

Yep, giving away THREE PDFs thanks to the generosity of RPGNow and the publishers of the books being offered.

Still haven't figured out a better method than rolling dice by hand, although I'm sure there is a better method.

Forty-three peeps registered via Google Friends Connect.  I'm going to be lazy and just roll percentile dice and disregard any results over 43.  Breaking out the pink crystal dice inked in black (which I SWORE were red when I ordered them online).

Ashley the Feline will be our dice rolling witness.  Hopefully she will refrain from playing with the dice until after the winners are chosen.

And the rolls are:

18 - JimLotFP - Fantasy Craft - (go figure - he can read it at RopeCon)

 95 - ignored roll

36 - Le Bâtard - Karma Roleplaying System

  The winners should be receiving an email to their gmail shortly with a link and coupon code. 

Congrats to all. 

Just think, we get to do it again at 50 - just need to check the prize closet and make note of what we have ;)


  1. Dragonshire's pretty sweet if you dig that kind of thing. I used that same set to put this together for one game. It drew a lot of interest and even a thumb-handed guy like myself could assemble the building without a problem.

  2. Did I win something? Wow...
    I only remember one other time in my life when I won something on a draw of lots... It was an Axis & Allies: Europe during a boardgame con.
    Well, I think I should make good use of Dragonshire Deluxe then... Even if I don't use minis in my RPG games, I could as well use it on a con game just in case.
    It will be fun trying to assemble everything considering my DEX 6 stat... ;-)

  3. marcelo... enjoy... I do all my gaming these days via Fantasy Grounds, but I am very tempted to use one of these kits just to look at, maybe even use like I am a 1 year old and mark my minatures thru it ;

  4. Most excellent! Thanks for contest--yours is actually the first blog I "followed" using that feature on Blogger, as I prefer to read things via RSS. Yes, I was a contest whore. That's why I chose the nickname "Le Bâtard"

    However, for some reason I didn't get the email through friend connect. You can hit me up via email at gmail using my first initials and my last name.

  5. you got it matt. ill send it shortly.

    the google friend feature allows me to reward those that follow my blog. i love giving away stuff, and RPGNow and the publishers are generous in allowing me to do so.

    besides, everyone likes free shit ;)


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