Thursday, July 22, 2010

Breaking Out the Dice Tonight

We, I have three items to give away from June, and I'd hate to see them expire and go to waste, so everyone that is on the Tavern's Google Friends list by 7 pm NYC time tonight is entered. Raffling off PDF copies of:

Fantasy Craft Karma Roleplaying System Fat Dragon Deluxe Set

Should be fun ;)

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  1. You are now the only person I am following on my dummy google account that I have to use to comment, even though I dont use blogger.

    Damn you forcing me to engage in the madness! ;)

  2. Now I can see your blog fine on IE & Chrome. Sheesh!

  3. heh... there were some hiccups last nite

    sorry greg, thought you were mad already ;)

  4. 43 people have walked up to the bar... last call is in about 90 minutes.

    just think, we get to do it all again at 50 ;)

    well, new prize(s) for then... need to check the prize closet...


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