Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My ENnie Choices - Atomic Highway

Is there anything better then a nuclear, chemical and biological agent wasteland to adventure in?  The Road Warrior showed us the fun potential of a world gone to shit.  Atomic Highway puts that holocaust world in your hands.

Even the cover plays homage to the Road Warrior series of movies.

This book is a blast (nuclear?) to read.  Simple rules (as in not too crunch heavy), nice setting rules (so you can customize your own setting) and a well done sample adventure.  Haven't yet put the rules to a playtest, but I suspect they would be quickly picked up by the average gaming group.  All that and a solid 5 star rating on RPGNow.

Now, for a free alternative post holocaust RPG (more on the side of Gamma World then Road Warrior) you can check out Mutant Future.

Or just read them both and make your own future. 

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