Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fantasy Grounds / Labyrinth Lord - Session Zero

I just did a 90 minute Intro to Labyrinth Lord / Advanced Edition Characters and Fantasy Grounds 2 for a few friends and I can already tell its going to be one hell of a game when it gets rolling ;)

We used Skype as we've all been friends for anywhere from5 to 25 years or so... no awkward silence, just many bad jokes told by all.  It was nice seeing guys from my old weekly face to face game from 13 years ago slinging virtual dice as they created characters.  So far we have a Cleric, a Fighter and a Thief.  I think our fourth player is going to be a Ranger, so they may be magic poor, but I'm sure they will cope fine.

I'm going to need to sit down and rewatch Xorn's amazing FG2 tutorial videos.  Especially if I plan on using some of the LL modules that are out there.  A few hours of prep time will speed the game up many times over.

ze bulette has a valid point about my idea to review some of the VTTs out there, or at the very least give a comprehensive overview of what is available.  Consider the challenge accepted.  It will start appearing on this blog on a fairly regular basis, perhaps as early as Monday if I get lucky ;)

Tomorrow is a six hour round trip to pay my respects for 15 minutes at a former co-worker's wake.  Thank God my kid can drive :)

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