Monday, April 12, 2010

Dresden Files: A First Impression, Part the First


Ack! I guess you want a bit more then that. First things first, I'll be referring to the pre-release Dresden Files RPG PDFs here. Yes, they look awesome. Not suitable for printing as the page background has a graphic to make the pages look yellowed: it's a nice effect but an ink waster. Then again, at over 400 pages who the hell plans to print out the PDF? I'll happily wait for my dead tree copy to arrive.

The book is presented with fake handwritten notes from the game designer, "Harry" himself, and a few others. Very entertaining and they offer a nice inside glance into the system. Some might find it distracting I expect, so know your own tastes in this one.

I've made it up to (i've begun reading but far from finished) Chapter 3. This is where the group decides on and designs the city the campaign will take place in. Interesting twist as this is done before generating characters. Baltimore is the default if your group doesn't want to go through the process and it is provided as an example.

Alright, that's as far as I've gotten so far. More soon. Remember, you can get a free preview here.

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