Sunday, November 29, 2009

Another Great Free Gaming Resource

Jeff's Gameblog mentioned a site I hadn't known of yet... The UncleBear Blog

The above link takes you directly to his download page, where you can find such goodies as a cloned version of Avalon Hill's classic licensed (to kill) espionage game among others.

Go and be free.

Alpha Omega Core Rulebook (Sample)

The Alpha Omega Core Rulebook (Sample) is a beautiful sample of a gorgeous rulebook. No, I don't know how the rules play. Heck, I haven't even read the PDF that I ordered and downloaded. I peeked at the sample and I was sold (for the print/pdf combo at Indie Press Revolution). Hook, line and sinker.

Longtime readers of my Blog know I like free. The combo purchase was far from free. It's also probably the most attractive gamebook I've laid my eyes on in my 25+ years of gaming... and I'm saying that while still awaiting the print version.

Download the sample. I already lifted the painting on page 7 of the sample as my new desktop background, but there were many top notch choices. The sample is free. The worst that can happen to you is you get hooked.

Friday, November 27, 2009

I'm a Kindle Blogger! Sorta...

So, this blog is now available on the Kindle. Originally priced at $1.99 a month, it is now 99 cents a month. Don't ask me how Amazon decides how to price the blogs they sell through their site... they set the price and the authors just follow along. I'm happy to see it priced at 99 cents... I'f priceit for free on Amazon but that isn't an option.

Oh, and I hope turkey day went well for everyone. Today is Black Friday... I'll be shopping from the comfort of my desk ;)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Adamant Entertainment has put just about all of its PDFs on sale for a buck each. My picks are below. Each has an original price ranging from about 12 bucks to 35. So for 7 bucks you can score over a two hundred dollars worth of gaming goodness. Even if you don't use the systems in question you can simply steal ideas ;)

Tome of Secrets

MARS: Savage Worlds Edition

The Imperial Age: True20 Edition

MARS: The Roleplaying Game of Planetary Romance

THRILLING TALES: Omnibus Edition

Thrilling Tales 2nd Edition (Savage Worlds)

Terminal Identity: Uplink 1.0

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Amazon Updates Kindle Firmware... PDFs are Native to Kindle 2 Now

Yep, Amazon finally did a no brainer and updated the firmware on the Kindle 2 to read PDFs in their native format. What does this mean to gamers like us? It a real convenient way to read gaming material on your downtime... you know, in the waiting room, on the bus or train or even plane, all without having to reveal to the unclean masses that you are a gamer.

Well, that and it can hold oodles of gaming material.

So, after updating the firmware on my Kindle 2 (for some reason it didn't update automatically via Whispersync), I rebooted the puppy, connected my Kindle 2 with it's USB cable to my computer and dumped the first edition of the Labrynth Lord rules onto it.

The results? Can't really read it in its regular orientation (print is way too small), but it is very readable in the horizontal position. I still will prefer using my DX for reading PDFs I think, but the option to use the Kindle 2 is very much appreciated.

Oh, and the update promises a greatly increased battery time between charges.

The DX also got an update. The main thing there is that PDFs, when viewed in the horizontal position, will automatically have the white space borders cropped, thereby increasing the viewable size of the PDF on screen. Haven't seen it in action yet but I will give it a try soon.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

What's Old is new... again.

I'm a big follower of the retro game movement. I loved my 1st edition AD&D games, and anything that can harken back to those days while using modern production values is pure awesomeness.

OSRIC is the 1st Edition AD&D rules reimaged, neatened up and generally rewritten.

Labrynth Lord is a rewrite of BCMI D&D rules and is a pleasure to read. I'll be running this soon, I hope

Swords & Wizardry is a reworking of OD&D. There is even a quickstart version of the rules available.

These are all professionally produced rule sets that are available for FREE in PDF format. The all look nice on the Kindle DX (tho OSRIC version 2 is a bit large and unwieldy on the DX). Give them a look. The only cost is your time.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

D6? Free6!

Damn. I have no idea how I missed this earlier. West End Games (of the original Star Wars RPG fame) has put out many of their core books in PDF format for free. I like free. I also liked the old Star Wars RPG much more then the WotC version.

Here's the list of which books are free on RPGNow from WEG:

D6 Adventure
D6 Fantasy
D6 Space
D6 Space Ships
D6 Adventure Locations
D6 Fantasy Creatures
D6 Fantasy Locations

Thats a lot of material right there. I'll need to load them up on my DX and give them a shake.

Signs & Portents - Free Loot!

Say what you will about Mongoose Publishing (and many of you will) but their Signs & Portents Magazine is an excellent piece of work, even if you don't play with their products. The fact that it is free? Utterly amazing.

In this month's issue; (cribbed directly from the RPGNow page)

Signs & Portents
A number of upcoming releases are sneakily unveiled. . .

Games Fest & Halloween at Mongoose Hall
Our on the spot reporter Katrina brings you news of the latest gaming events.

Unleash your inner criminal mastermind.

Buried Truths, a complete adventure!

Two patrons, ready to be slotted into your campaign.

Victory at Sea
Featuring the biggest ship we have EVER put in this game!

A Heavy Systems Defence Boat, dedicated to keeping your shipping lanes clear of piracy and those pesky Vargr!

Lone Wolf
The village of Eshnar uncovered. . .

Cimmerian Moons, a complete adventure for your favourite barbarians.

Traveller/Babylon 5
The end is hoving into view for the massive Legacy of War epic.

Go to RPGNow and pick the latest issue up for free in PDF... then go back and get the previous 73 issues. You won't be sorry. Is it a house organ? Unabashedly. It's also quality and costs nothing. Steal what you can from it. I plan to.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

2012 - RPG-able?

I saw 2012 with my 16 y/o son last night. Quick and dirty review: Hollywood blockbuster, amazing special effects, shallow and one trick characters, iffy science, way too long at over 2 1/2 hrs and needs a good editor to cut out some of those amazing special effects. Really. I know you wasted millions of dollars on those 90 seconds of the earth being destroyed, but those 90 seconds need to go... there is still 90 minutes of special effects of the earth being destroyed to fill in the gaps.

Now, as for RPG-ability. Without spoiling too much for those that haven't yet seen the latest special effects thrill ride, all of the real roleplaying source material is in the last 10 minutes of the movie. That is all. But you could work a really fine campaign off those last 10 minutes.

Yep, if you can sneak a peek at the last 10 minutes of this flick you'd have the seeds of a fine game setting ;)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

It's Been Ages...

I know I haven't posted in like 10 days. God himself knows how hectic life can get, and boy, did it! ;)

Not all bad, but something had to take a back seat, and this was it. Anyhow...

Torchlight, a nice, little, inexpensive ($18-20) Diablo 2 clone-like game for the PC is addictive. Better then Titan Quest, and much more affordable. It's a decent game priced as shovel-ware. Do yourself a favor and pick it up.

Dragon Age - holy mother of pearl! This game rocks. Currently playing on the Xbox 360 (for the 43" HD experience) but I think the PC version would be even better. Its clocked about 2 days worth of my life (treating a day as an 8 hrs workday). Get it, enjoy it, live it.

iTabletop. Click the link to the right. Go to the forums (join if you arent a member - its free). General Forum - Go to the contest (favorite NPC) and enter. There's a 10 dollar RPGNow gift cert riding on this one. You KNOW you want it :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

DDO - Back to Swinging

So, I'm back in the swing of things in DDO... even to the point of subscribing again. It's just fun.

Now, I just got Dragon Age for the Xbox 360 delivered today and I'm dying to play it, but tonight is DDO nite with a friend or two, and you just can't pass up on gaming with friends.

Yes, I still need to get around to reviewing some PDFs... this wekend just me, the kid, a house in the country and my new macbook... reviews will get done. I promise.

Now, for those that might want $10 bucks to spend on some of those way cool PDFs, I will be running a contest in the iTabletop.com forums. The prize, a $10 RPGNow gift cert. Still waiting on ideas for the contest tho ;) Head over to the forums and help me out!
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