Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Amazon Updates Kindle Firmware... PDFs are Native to Kindle 2 Now

Yep, Amazon finally did a no brainer and updated the firmware on the Kindle 2 to read PDFs in their native format. What does this mean to gamers like us? It a real convenient way to read gaming material on your downtime... you know, in the waiting room, on the bus or train or even plane, all without having to reveal to the unclean masses that you are a gamer.

Well, that and it can hold oodles of gaming material.

So, after updating the firmware on my Kindle 2 (for some reason it didn't update automatically via Whispersync), I rebooted the puppy, connected my Kindle 2 with it's USB cable to my computer and dumped the first edition of the Labrynth Lord rules onto it.

The results? Can't really read it in its regular orientation (print is way too small), but it is very readable in the horizontal position. I still will prefer using my DX for reading PDFs I think, but the option to use the Kindle 2 is very much appreciated.

Oh, and the update promises a greatly increased battery time between charges.

The DX also got an update. The main thing there is that PDFs, when viewed in the horizontal position, will automatically have the white space borders cropped, thereby increasing the viewable size of the PDF on screen. Haven't seen it in action yet but I will give it a try soon.

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