Thursday, November 19, 2009

Signs & Portents - Free Loot!

Say what you will about Mongoose Publishing (and many of you will) but their Signs & Portents Magazine is an excellent piece of work, even if you don't play with their products. The fact that it is free? Utterly amazing.

In this month's issue; (cribbed directly from the RPGNow page)

Signs & Portents
A number of upcoming releases are sneakily unveiled. . .

Games Fest & Halloween at Mongoose Hall
Our on the spot reporter Katrina brings you news of the latest gaming events.

Unleash your inner criminal mastermind.

Buried Truths, a complete adventure!

Two patrons, ready to be slotted into your campaign.

Victory at Sea
Featuring the biggest ship we have EVER put in this game!

A Heavy Systems Defence Boat, dedicated to keeping your shipping lanes clear of piracy and those pesky Vargr!

Lone Wolf
The village of Eshnar uncovered. . .

Cimmerian Moons, a complete adventure for your favourite barbarians.

Traveller/Babylon 5
The end is hoving into view for the massive Legacy of War epic.

Go to RPGNow and pick the latest issue up for free in PDF... then go back and get the previous 73 issues. You won't be sorry. Is it a house organ? Unabashedly. It's also quality and costs nothing. Steal what you can from it. I plan to.

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