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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Latest Roll For Initiative Podcast with Special Guest Zach Glazer (Whisper & Venom)

+Zach Glazar makes an appearance on the latest Roll for Initiative podcast and talks about his Whisper & Venom setting and his upcoming Kickstarter.

Zach is a gentleman and an excellent podcast guest (I know, as +Jason Paul McCartan and I have already lined him up for our upcoming podcast ;)

Give the latest RFI a listen. Hell, give them all a listen. It's a damn good podcast.

(Get 10% off Whisper & Venom by going to www.lessergnome.com and using the coupon code RFI10. Coupon code good through Friday July 11th, 2014


  1. +Zach Glazer is the answer to the question "What do you get if your expose a gnome to radiation and he grows to over six feet tall?" It says something about the genius of W&V that it can be played in anything from Basic D&D to Mathfinder...

  2. Zach, the attenton whore, is at it again. I hope to wake up one morning and not listen to another podcast pimping his Whisper and Venom! I'm going to start a podcast and delibertly not invite him....

    1. Whisper and Venom nominated for two Ennie Awards! Nice!


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