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Saturday, May 10, 2014

And Now an Osquip for Today's Earlier Dungeon Map!

+Jim Magnusson posted the above on his blog after seeing +Simon Forster 's excellent map with Osquip tunnels earlier (but I'll post it again for easy reference).

The fuckin' OSR is one amazing community!

Wait a second, that osquip is holding a human head...

must... not... launch... new... contest... before... concluding... current... on... need... beer...


  1. Well, not a *whole* human head. Be fair.

  2. That osquip seems to be missing its last rear leg. I know they are hard to draw because I used them in my first Fight On magazine dungeon level.

    1. finnaly one who notice it :D

    2. Fixed it on the blog now so the Osquip is a few percent more deadly ;)

  3. Damnit. That's the parties Thief he's holding there.

    No wonder people don't play them.


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