Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Bundle of Holding - Trail of Cthulhu

The Trail of Cthulhu Bundle of Holding excites me less than it should, to be honest. The Gumshoe system is solid, it just doesn't fit my style of gaming. It may, however, fit yours, and if it does, Trail of Cthulhu is a fine flavor of the rules.


  1. Yeah, tempting as it was I also have found Gumshoe doesn't really fit my style. It fixes "problems" my older Call of Cthulhu games never had.....so cool books but still a pass for me....I'll stick with conventional CoC.

  2. I personally like the bundles that are more theme-based, rather than system-based. If this had a couple of ToC items plus some CoC, plus some Cthulhutech, plus a Lovecraft Film Festival DVD, plus something else... I might be a lot more interested.

  3. Trail is my preferred Cthulhu in the olden times system. I'm looking at Night's Black Agents for my next Delta Green campaign.


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