Monday, May 5, 2014

Kickstarter - The Chained Coffin (DCC RPG Adventure)

Even if this Kickstarter failed to fund (it's already funded and has 27 days to go) the adventure would still have been published. The Chained Coffin DCC Adventure Kickstarter is to make the adventure "more better" - it's kinda like the Six Million Dollar Man of DCC RPG Adventures - or maybe not quite, but it is being built better.

You see, the Kickstarter is funding a special version of the adventure that includes a prop - the wheel you see above, with three sets of markings for the players to figure out how to match up (regular version of the adventure will have the above without being preassembled separate wheels - cut out your own ;)

Is the prop needed? No.

Is it cool? Yes

Do stretch goals add content to both versions of the adventure? Yes  To be determined - aaargh!

Can you order other, discounted DCC RPG goodies? Yes

I'm already in for $30. My players love the DCC RPG adventures, even if I do convert them to Swords & Wizardry these days ;)

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  1. I keep meaning to pick up some of the DCC adventures. Your post has inspired me!


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