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Monday, May 5, 2014

I Want HER To Do Segment Intros on the "Tenkar and the Badger" Podcast

Listen and weep for "your chubbiest friends."

(can't embed this one)

My wife laughs uncontrollably when I play the clips.

I think someone will need to record "Tenkar & The Badger, it supports even your chubbiest friends!"


  1. I think you might have an obsession going on with these guys.

    1. fucking A i do!

      this is the best or the worst I've seen in a long time

    2. Maybe if you ask nice you could get Joseph Bloch or Tim Shorts to do an intro a a little tank top for you.

      On second thought ...... that's just a terrible idea.

  2. Oh, yeah ,I dropped using my old Degenerate Elite on google because I don't get enough hate mail.

  3. Is anyone else having trouble coming up with a smart-assed comment about this whole deal?

    Really, I's just that...cause, you do they not...?


  4. And, yes, you should have Giorgia do intros for your podcast.

    Although Lindsay Lohan would be cheaper, you just have to raid the evidence locker at work.

  5. Speaking of Kickstarters, you heard about this?

    1. The problem is proving fraud was intended. Hard to do when the easiest defense is "I'm incompetent."

    2. Shouldn't that be "Unfulfilled Kickstarter Gets the Hammer"? Because it sounds like it funded.

  6. Holy crap. There. I didn't seem to have any trouble thinking of what to say...

  7. Ready to play in the blink of an eye! *wink*


    ...oh, wait, the table? Oh, um... never mind...

  8. I really like the idea, but the pledge levels seem way too high. I already bought a portable fold-down 24"x48" table for £30, a metal/board mix. They seem to want a lot more money for unfinished cardboard; the only obvious advantage looks to be weight. I can see a market for the three-table + bag kit, at around £45/$75 retail - but they want a $120 pledge for that!



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