Thursday, May 8, 2014

I Seem to Have a Plethora of DCC RPG Adventures - Time to Convert Some more to Swords & Wizardry

I've mentioned this before but I'll say it again, my players really enjoy the DCC RPG adventures, but they were less sold on the DCC RPG itself. A bit too "swingy" in it's spell casting especially, or at least, that is the feedback I've gotten.

All that being said, they really get immersed in the flavor and strangeness of the DCC RPG Adventures, especially the ones from Goodman Games ( +Harley Stroh and +Michael Curtis seem to be the favorite authors thus far, but we haven't delved into the complete well of authors yet).

I tend to convert from DCC to S&W on the fly, but what I really need to do is put some of my conversion results into a blog post. Well, some of the various adversaries and such.

My party is hitting around 5th level these days - I think The Croaking Fane will be the next conversion ;)


  1. Have you adapted the opening character funnel at all?

  2. Interesting. I remember hearing Michael Curtis opine on a podcast that material for other old school games did not port well over to the DCC RPG (unfortunately, by now I'm foggy on the reasons he gave). Because I assumed the reverse case would also be true, I have held off on purchasing any DCC adventures, even though I really like some of the authors in that stable (specifically, Curtis and Harley Stroh).

    1. What I actually said was my own Stonehell Dungeon doesn't make a good fit for the way I perceive DCC RPG should be played. There are many classic D&D adventures that fit the DCC vibe perfectly. "Dwellers of the Forbidden City," for example, would make for an amazing DCC RPG game.

    2. Ah, thanks for the clarification -- and sorry for the sloppy misquotation! :-P

  3. So many awesome covers. I love this one in particular!


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