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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Taking OpenQuest to the Stars - River of Heaven SciFi Kickstarter

I'm a big fan of OpenQuest, and hope to run a few sessions later this year as time allows. It evokes a feel, to my non-expert eyes at least, of classic RuneQuest 2. I really liked RQ2.

Anyhow, River of Heaven takes OpenQuest to space and puts a scifi twist to it. The manuscript is already written - the Kickstarter is for art assets, and it's already hit it's basic funding goal.

Prices for print copies include a coupon for "at cost" printing from RPGNow, which is way many publishers are going to get around the high costs of international shipping.

+Newt Newport produces good stuff, and I'm looking forward to OQ in the Stars ;)


  1. Erik, I'd like to mention that the author of River of Heaven is John Ossoway who did the well received Cthulhu Rising monograph so has a track record in the D100 space gaming niche.

  2. Okay Erik, I have bought Open Quest 2 on your recommendation, will offer up commentary and contrasting comparisons to other D100 edition fantasy games. Right off the bat I can say that presentation is damned important....and OQ2 is very user friendly. Moreso, based on the last couple hours' reading, than a few of its fellow D100 denizens out there.

    I think I'll back this KS...we're way past due for a D100 SF variant.

    1. I hope you are planning on an article (or series) comparing OQ2, RG6 and MW (1?) on the Realms blog. If you want, I'll send you a sugar packet with "pretty please" written on the bottom.

    2. Definitely... I think such a comparison is vital to sorting out the relative strengths and weaknesses of each 100 system. I've been curious how OQ2 would stack up against the more well-known competitors, too. So far it's looking good (maybe not the art, but the book is strongly written).


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