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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Kickstarter That Needs a Priest - ZEITGEIST AP hardcover compilation (Pathfinder & D&D 4E)

Well, I gotta give it to Morrus - he certainly knows how to grab attention ;)

In all seriousness, what little work I've seen from E.N. Publishing has been fairly good (admittedly that is from the 3e days), but as I play neither Pathfinder nor 4e, this is all wasted on me.

If I did play either, the $60 price point for the color HC edition and all of the stretch goals in PDF is probably the sweet point.

Just 118 more backers for the "Divine Intervention" ritual attempt :)


  1. "Priest, Shaman or Wise-Man" -- Maybe an expert project manager? I think that's what they call the shaman for this sort of endeavor.

  2. Special consultant...heh. Well, seeing as how Pathfinder is what I run, I may just have to throw into this one.

  3. Ryan Nock here, director of ZEITGEIST. We're now only 59 backers away from exorcism on live Internet-TV-ishness. (Plus we hit some stretch goals, so folks are close to getting 9 adventures for $60.)

    Erik, thanks for the post!


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