Saturday, June 29, 2024

Deal of the Day - Into the Wild Omnibus

It will be a sandbox when I get my next campaign up and running. When I got my first campaign after returning to the DM role, it was. a sandbox using Rob Conley's amazing Blackmarsh.

Today's Deal of the Day is the Into the Wild Omnibus. Offering three volumes in one, the Into the Wild Omnibus is usually 25.95 in PDF, but until tomorrow morning it is on sale for 10.38 in PDF.

This 380+ page book combines three volumes into one: A Guide to Thieves' Guilds, Filling in the Blanks, and Into the Wild, all geared towards aiding Referees and characters in venturing out into the wilderness and high-level domain activities.

A Guide to Thieves' Guilds provides guidance on forming and running guilds, both for the PC interested in establishing a guild and for the Referee wanting to add guilds to their campaign.

Filling in the Blanks provides numerous tables and charts that help Referees flesh out hexes for use in hexcrawl and sandbox campaigns.

Into the Wild includes guidance for running hexcrawl campaigns, a random weather generator, rules for establishing and running domains, an abstracted mass combat system, rules for mercantile trading, guidelines for creating BX-style character classes, and some alternate classes for BX games that add a little bit of flair to the originals.

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