Friday, January 5, 2024

OSR Sale - Shadowsun (ShadowDark RPG)

First things first. I've been a friend of, as well as a fan of, Greg Christopher for well over a decade. Greg ran the D&D Next (5e Beta) playtest for me and others. He writes some of the best gaming material for OSR gaming that one can find on the market IMHO.

ShadowSun is Greg's homage to Dark Sun, using the rules of ShadowDark. I have had an earlier PDF version of ShadowSun that Greg had shared with me earlier, but while looking at the current sale, I noticed that the Print plus PDF is only 14.95 for a hardcover version, and that is dirt cheap for my gaming collection - so I ordered it :)

ShadowSun is marked down to 4 bucks in PDF (from 8) for a 216-page setting book. Quite simply, a bargain.

ShadowSun is a dark, apocalyptic, desert setting designed for use with ShadowDark. It presents a bleak world scorched by an angry sun and defiled by powerful Mage-Kings. A land where metal, food, and water are scarce resources. Player ancestries are Elves, Dwarves, Hawkfolk, Humans, Lizardfolk, and Mantisfolk. Class choices are Explorers, Mentalists (psionics), Shamans, Sorcerers, and Warriors. Extensive equipment choices and spell/power options. Also contains 124 ShadowDark monsters and extensive internal hyperlinks.


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