Monday, January 1, 2024

State of The Tavern - 2024 New Year, New Stuff Edition

Well, 2023 was one hell of a year. It could have been better, and certainly could have been worse, but overall I think it ended up pretty positive.

So, what does 2024 have in store for The Tavern and its community, and even the OSR at large?

First off, a huge thanks and shout out to Don Semora over at Wizard Tower Games, we now have a gamershealthonline.com site to support the community with links, resources, and a forum. It's not just for those who join Rach and me on our Saturday Night Gamers Health live streams, but anyone in the gaming community who is looking for some support. The forums are still in their infancy, but they will grow with use and need.

The Tenkar's Tavern Substack will return as a monthly newsletter/ links to gaming channels/gaming content later this month. Weekly was simply not feasible, so I'm retooling it. As it grows, I'm hoping to build on the gaming content it will provide its readers. Wish me luck :)

Tenkar's Tavern Youtube Channel - We'll be adding Shorts and excerpts from the various live streams. The live streams are very popular but can last, at times, over two hours at a clip, so I'm going to be pulling out bits and pieces so folks can sample an episode. 

Additionally, we'll be commencing with Fireside Chats, a series in which I sit down with various creators in the gaming hobby, learn how they got into gaming, how they got into creating for the hobby, and what keeps them going. We'll aim for 10-20 minutes a session. These will be released first to paid members of the channel but will be released to the general public approximately a week after the limited release of each episode. Membership is only 1.99 a month ;)

This here blog - as requested, I'm aiming to do some reviews, likely weekly, possibly with an accompanying video depending on the material. Possibly even some gaming content, in earlier, beta versions before releasing on the Substack.

Now, to dive into the backlog of OSR Christmas emails...

Talking Crit Short - Fauci Doesn't Like Spiders!

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