Tuesday, January 2, 2024

GoFundMe for Funeral Expenses of Ben Shields, Son of James Shields

I was just informed of the suicide of Ben Shields, son of artist James Shields. I have no words. I have seen suicide impact the families of friends and coworkers far too often. If you find yourself in a desperate state, the Suicide Hotline Number is 988 in the United States. You can also text the number if that is a more comfortable form of communication for you.

The Tavern will match the first $250 raised for Ben's funeral expenses by the members of this community, with a minimum donation of $100. We'll be making the donation no later than 6 PM Thursday Night, January 4, 2024. Simply comment below with the amount of your donation. When we hit $250, The Tavern will make a matching donation - Tenkar

Here's Gary Oliver's post from Facebook:

It is with great sadness that I am reporting one of our NTX family members and contributors, James Shields lost his son Ben to suicide on 12/31/23. The family is in mourning and very overwhelmed by all of this. James told me I could inform the community and let everyone know that they appreciate everyone’s condolences and support but may not respond directly to people for a while.

James has helped the convention with our logo the last couple of years. He is also a good friend to me personally as well. To help the family with expenses related to the final arrangements and other costs I am setting up a GoFundMe for Ben’s memorial. I know that this group will be supportive with not only post of condolences but will also help financially in this time of great despair and sadness for the Shield’s family.

Thank you, as always, for your support of NTX and all of the friends and family that make this such a great community - Gary Oliver

GoFundMe Link for Ben Shields 



  1. BRW Games just donated $50. I've worked with James in the past, and I'm so very sorry to hear about this.


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