Sunday, December 31, 2023

Next Year's RPG Goals (Aside from Playing More)

Next Year's RPG Goals (Aside from Playing More)
Whelp, this is it. If you had plans for something in 2023 you've got this evening to finish it up.

I rarely have "by year's end" goals. "This weekend" or generalized goals, yes, but not "this year" type goals. This weekend I'm taking out two closets and making custom shelves....and I clearly forgot that I'm old and broken because my two-day project will go at least three days, if not four or four-plus.

FFFFFFF....UUUUUU.......Fun! So much Fun!

Luckily there has been very little bleeding on these two builds and I did get the "big stuff" done. The work has given me time to think a bit and when I wasn't thinking about Starfield Damn this hurts Did I measure twice cut once? other things, I thought about what kind of goals I should have for this next year. In other words, I actually want to have some "by year's end" goals.

I think it's important to actually state (share) goals and I also think one should have at least three goals: a big one, a medium-size one, and small/easy goal. How your goals fit into each category will be up to you, but for me small is easy, medium is probably (but with difficulty), and big is something I will really have to work hard to accomplish.

So my 3 goals, and these are gaming goals here, would be:

Small: I want to buy/build a wheeled gaming case to hold all my shit for a convention. Instead of lugging around my backpack and having to go up to my room to switch-out/resupply, I want a cool case I can wheel around and have easy access while at the table.

Medium: The project I think I can get done, but will take some effort, is to get a pet project of mine published. I have to be a bit secretive on that one.....but I'll be self-publishing and I want to be done this year.....it's been on my mind for far too long. The graphic for this post was inspired by this particular idea that I've not been progressing on. 

Big: Another writing/publishing project, but a big one, is to write an adventure. I want to get the artists lined up, have it written and playtested, do the layout....etc.

Feel free to comment with your goals for the next year. Put a voice to that idea......an important 2nd step. Later this year, after NTRPG we can circle back and see if we (we......not just me) have been making progress on our goals.

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