Friday, October 27, 2023

Humble Bundle - Doctor Who MegaBundle 2023 (RPG, Audiobooks, Comics)


A TARDIS full of audio dramas, comic collections, and role-playing.

I am not a huge Doctor Who fan, but I did enjoy the earlier seasons when they were on PBS when I was a kid. The Doctor Who MegaBundle 2023 is a rare bundle that includes the core rules for the RPG at the $1 level. Holy shit! I'm in!

The wonders of the Whoniverse are at your fingertips with this massive bundle of Doctor Who comic collections, tabletop role-playing games, and audio dramas! Take your gaming group on a trip to Gallifrey and beyond with the Doctor Who Roleplaying Game Rulebook and a TARDIS-full of adventures and supplements. Travel to the swinging 60s with two different incarnations of the Doctor in the comic collection Doctor Who: A Tale of Two Time Lords. Return to one of the most captivating settings from the TV show in the audio drama anthology Tales from New Earth. Get all this and more than 30 other Whovian treats, and help BBC Children in Need with your purchase!

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