Saturday, October 28, 2023

Deal of the Day - Book of Lost Beasts (OSR)

I've known Joe Bloch for years (we first met in person at the Brooklyn Strategist for the premiere of Gygax Magazine). I ran his Castle of the Mad Archmage funhouse mega dungeon for the better part of a year and The Tavern's "B-Team" had a blast. Joe has a true understanding of the original TSR era of publishing. I also call him a friend.

Book of Lost Beasts is Joe Bloch's Monster Manual, and it would fit quite well next to the "Orange Spined" books of the AD&D 1e era. Book of Lost Beasts is normally 9.95 in PDF, but until tomorrow morning it is the Deal of the Day, and it is on sale for 4.98 - 50% off.

Nearly 200 new monsters for your old-school campaign!

From the massive prehistoric ambelodon to the terrifying plague zombie, within these pages you'll find a bevy of new monsters to use in your campaign. There are angels, bladegrass, undead dragons, rakshasa nobles, and much more! Creatures found in dungeons, wilderness, the prehistoric past, the sea, and even alien planes of existance are within.

Written for the First Edition of the world's most popular RPG, this book will also be useful to anyone running a game using old-school rules. 

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