Sunday, October 22, 2023

Hit or Miss Game Weekend

Hit or Miss Game Weekend
This weekend was a bit of a hit & a miss. I'm not able to go to Game Hole Con....not sure if I would if I could 'cause it's too close to the family farm and even as much as I love to sling dice, I'd probably rather visit my family. I know, I know....total a-hole move, but that's where my folks, and my Great Nephews live.

I didn't get to game on Friday, which was our scheduled game, but a family issue came up for the GM and believe it or not I did not just set the bar on the matter of gaming vs. family.

I did however, manage to snag some choice titles for my growing habit problem addiction Appendix N library. Before I get to that though, I need to share this HUGE (to me) bit of news: I have FINALLY slain the garage demon! I.E. I found the !**^!%$#! CO2 monitor that was beeping due to low battery. I swear that thing has been going off about every minute since freakin June. My garage is more of a mess than usual because I've been tearing through boxes, moving crap, even unplugging my garage doors (I thought that was it for a hot minute). I just could not actually localize the source of the sporadic beeping. One would think that the damned battery would.....JUST....EFFING...DIE!, but no, I had to use those fancy-dancy long-term lithium batteries. That fucker probably wouldn't be dying until 2025! Anyway I found the detector wrapped in something else in a box and now it is relatively quiet. Now the only high-pitched tones are in my head (tinnitus).

OK, I think I got that out of my system.


Evidently not...

Anyway, I decided to go hit up some Half Priced Books in the city and I did find some OSR stuff, but somebody in charge at the one store is smoking some crack. They had a nice-looking 3rd (I know, bear with me) printing of the Deities & Demigods for $150. They also had a good (?) copy of the basic rulebook for $60....not the set, just the book. 

No bueno

A different location did yield a nice little find for me. I've thought about picking up some Edgar Rice Burroughs books, but I specifically didn't want Tarzan or John Carter of Mars books. I'm not a Tarzan fan and I think I'd like John Carter of Mars, but I'm still hurting from the completely unavoidable fiasco that was the Disney movie. I liked the movie, would've loved a series, but allegedly the movie was a failure. Of course it was a failure because Disney screwed with the marketing, changing the name and then pulling funding.

I'm full of digressing today.

So I did find some Ace Paperback copies of ERB's books and got six of the seven books of the Pellucidar series and all three books of his "Lost World" series. Even though I was using my phone to help me look for certain titles, I really got only those three books "lost world" books by pure happenstance as I was focusing on the Pellucidar series.

I'm sure the observant among the 12 regular readers here will notice there is a Tarzan title in the group......evidently Old Man Burroughs did a crossover novel.

To me, these books are perfect Appendix N fodder. I mean, Burroughs and specifically the Pellucidar series is actually mentioned in the Appendix N (I hadn't bothered to check until just now). Maybe I should have picked up some of the other books they had, but I had enough of a score for now.


  1. Those are some pretty good ERB books. Read them myself a couple years ago.

  2. How about visiting the family farm and gaming this July at VENGER CON? Same city as GHC... Madison, WI.


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