Thursday, October 26, 2023

Crowdfunding - Dragon Dice - Dracolem (GameFound)

Color me surprised when I saw Dragon Dice on a crowdfunding platform - in this case, Gamefound. For those that don't recall, Dragon Dice was one of TSR's responses to Magic The Gathering, the other being the Spellfire collectible card game. The history of Dragon Dice can be found on Wikipedia.

Honestly, I own a few Dragon Dice sets from the TSR era and never really understood the rules, but the dice were cool. The current project has art that I'll find difficult to differentiate between the different power levels, but I guess it's found it nice over the last two decades.

Dracolem are the 14th species created for Dragon Dice - the compact wargame with streamlined rules played with dice armies. Build forces from various fantasy species and fight to control battlefield locations. Mix and match units to harness the unique abilities they gain from the elements of nature and death. To play Dragon Dice you only need a pocketful of dice, setup in 5 minutes, and you can play on a card table. Experience the deep strategy of a wargame without having to paint miniatures, build terrain, or carry around large rulebooks and codexes!

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