Saturday, September 30, 2023

Kickstarter - Fehu Games OSR Short Halloween Quest for Swords and Wizardry

I'm always looking for short adventures. Lloyd is one of the better writer/artist combinations in the OSR. I always enjoy his work, and the price is right with Lloyd's Fehu Games OSR Short Halloween Quest for Swords and Wizardry project - 4 bucks for the PDF, 17 bucks for print, and 20 bucks for both. Full disclosure, I know Lloyd personally, and greatly respect him as a creative.

Justicar Kavendish sentenced the Wrenmarsh brothers to death via oubliettes. Little did he know the Wrenmarshes are masters of the assassins’ guild and much worse, so, fearing reprisal, he must escape the city to the family hunting cabin. 

Can the heroes keep the Justicar safe? What is the hunting cabin? There may be much more to this simple request than a "walk in the park".

Game systems:

These adventures are written using the newest Swords & Wizardry game system from Mythmere Games. It is fully 1E / BX / OSE / OSR compatible with minimal adjustments. A digital copy of the game can be found free online, as well as the latest print editions for a very reasonable price.

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