Sunday, September 24, 2023

Believe it or Not, NTRPG 2024 Prep Has Begun


Believe it or Not, NTRPG 2024 Prep Has Begun
So I know that North Texas RPG Con is like 27 weeks away, but this weekend is the time to begin preparing for next year. 

So the last 3, maybe 4 if you count the unintentional 1st time, conventions I've hosted a tasting event. Last year's event was...well it was interesting. By most accounts everyone had fun, except maybe me. The themed...libations....I had brought, at no small expense or effort, were simply atrocious. I mean they were bad. Everyone had fun in the shared misery and in making fun of the drinks.

It was a fair cop....the drinks were pretty bad. 

Thing is that I brought an extra...a bonus...drink that was supposed to taste bad, at least relatively bad, but it ended up being the group's favorite.

A couple weeks ago I delivered a walnut liqueur to my Step-Father as souvenir from the same distillery that I got a few of the bad drinks from. I don't know why I'm actively trying to avoid saying "Whisky". That stuff.....that stuff was pretty much the best alcohol I've ever tasted. Seriously....as bad as all that whisky was, this walnut liqueur was on the opposite side of the taste spectrum. I'm going to try and see if I can get some more imported since I'm not going back to Germany anytime soon.

Zines Bagged (Finally)
I've already go the Whisky procured for 2024. It's actually what I had originally planned for this year before I had an opportunity to try and get some Germany Whiskies (yes, it's a thing and if you're paying attention you already know it wasn't good....I think they need another couple hundred years to work on it) and when I had a friend visiting special for the con. 2024 will be themed like 2023 was and I plan on having coasters for the participants again, as well as a special bonus drink....but this time it'll be an actual drink, and just not a taste of an alcohol.

It's a custom drink I've made before, but the infused Whisky I use takes a month or two to...well infuse...and the main ingredient/mixer will take some time as well. Today was the first stage of work on those drinks. I am not willing to have a repeat of last year, so I'm starting now so I can re-do everything in time if needed.

In addition to working on next year's stuff I finally managed to bag and box my various Zines I mentioned, I don't know....months ago. I got the bags easily enough and managed to figure out that a certain size magazine board cut in half fit the bags perfectly. I just had to spend some time to fix my paper slicer....ends up it was easier than anticipated.

Zines Boxed

The zines do fit amazingly well in those cheap Harbor Freight ammo boxes I got for about $2.50 each. I just put them all into two for right now, but I'll get off my butt eventually and actually sort/file them into a few boxes.

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