Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Deal of the Day - The Book of Collected Rumors from Philip Reed Games

Mention the name Phil Reed, and you immediately think of system-neutral resources for the harried DM. Phil literally gives you, the DM, the resources you need to zig when your players zag and to improvise with the best of them. The Collected Book of Rumors is such a tool, or rather, a collection of such tools. 

Normally 15 bucks in PDF, until tomorrow morning, The Collected Book of Rumors is on sale for 6 bucks

A collection of over 200 rumors for use with any fantasy roleplaying game. The Book of Collected Rumors was constructed from the content of seventeen different PDFs from the A Dozen . . . series. This duplicates material from the below PDFs:

  • A Dozen Disconcerting Rumors
  • A Dozen Dreadful Rumors
  • A Dozen Sinister Rumors
  • A Dozen Dire Rumors
  • A Dozen Troubling Rumors
  • A Dozen Distressing Rumors
  • A Dozen Frightening Rumors
  • A Dozen Terrifying Rumors
  • A Dozen Whispered Rumors
  • A Dozen Auspicious Rumors
  • A Dozen Loathsome Rumors
  • A Dozen Ominous Rumors
  • A Dozen Troublesome Rumors
  • A Dozen Vexing Rumors
  • A Dozen Rumors of Other Places
  • A Dozen Rumors of Lost Treasures
  • A Dozen Malefic Rumors

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